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Since 2017, Nukebox Studios has been spreading the joy of cooking around the world through its mouth-watering game Food Truck Chef. In this fast-paced and exciting cooking game, players get behind the wheels and travel around the world serving delicious food to their varied customers. From the al dente pasta of Italy, petite oven bakes of Paris, rich chocolate pies of America, peppy brews of London, to the hand-made Onigiri delights, hot bowls of ramen, dumplings and dim sums, and Tacos for the road, Food Truck Chef provides you with the ultimate cooking adventure where you take the center stage! 

With over 30 million+ downloads in three years, Nukebox Studios has showcased its expertise in the cooking games genre. New chefs are joining in faster than ever before! And now, Nukebox Studios has partnered with Tamatem Games to bring its flagship game to MENA countries.

“Our goal is to make Food Truck Chef as much more accessible to as many players around the world and spread the joy of cooking,” said Amit Hardi CEO of Nukebox Studios.

Tamatem has announced that they will be launching Food Truck Chef within the next three months by working closely with the developers and publishers of Food Truck Chef. MENA country players will now be able to dive into the delicious and thrilling world of Food Truck Chef, showcase their culinary skills and compete to become the number one chef. 
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