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SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off launched to a phenomenal start on May 12, 2020 thanks to the Sponge’s ardent fans across the globe! Within just two weeks of its launch, Krusty Cook-Off became the Number 1 downloaded mobile games in the US, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, among others, and started trending among the top five mobile games. In a month, it garnered 15 million downloads, and is still counting; and in less than two months, it got featured among the top three apps on iTunes.

One could say that Nukebox Studios got lucky as it developed a game on one of the most popular characters and franchises of recent times that aided in acquiring those impressive numbers. Such a deduction is absolutely acceptable, and true. However, developing any product (films/games) on a highly popular title or narrative comes with its own set of risks and challenges. And this is where Nukebox Studios aces. 

Games produced by Nukebox have always been thoroughly researched, painstakingly and passionately crafted experimented and tested on several platforms before showcasing it to the world. Nukebox uses data science and top-class art to make awesome, fun-filled games. 

“SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-off is a great time management game. In my opinion, the Spongebob IP is used efficiently and it fits into a cooking game like a ‘cooking’ glove”, said Erno Kiiski in his Game Rrefinery article.

If you still haven’t tried this exciting new cooking game, NOW is the best time to experience it with the new update in place – the Juice Bar. It adds loads of exciting drinks and character customizations in the world of Spongebob. So go on, get your hands greasy. Make those famous Krabby Burgers, hot delicate pancakes and more, with some wacky and totally relatable characters from the underwater city of Bikini Bottom – like the cheerful SpongeBob himself, the arrogant octopus – Squidward, Patrick – the starfish and SpongeBob’s only friend, and so many more, on this cooking adventure. Play today on App Store and Google Play Store

Last but not the least, do you love the way Spongebob emotes his expression? And want to do the same in conversation with your friends and families? Try on these new stickers for Android and iOS devices.

Nukebox has a lot more exciting updates coming up for SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off, along with a brand new game on the horizon! Yes, you heard that right. So stay tuned. 

Play the iconic SpongeBob as you dish out the famous Krabby Patties of Bikini Bottom.