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Since the beginning of the global pandemic and subsequent lockdown by world governments, people have been forced to stay home. This has benefitted the gaming industry worldwide – time spent on online and mobile games has dramatically increased and people are playing more games now than ever before – with friends, family, parents, and partners. Nukebox Studios too saw a 30% increase in traffic on its premier game Food Truck Chef , which apart from the fact that more players have downloaded the game in these recent times, was an outcome of employing smart marketing strategies.

With the help of Swrve, Nukebox deployed mobile-first campaigns to manage and build on the surge in growth. It used a 3-level strategy to retain its players with personalized campaigns loaded with rich imagery and emojis to help its messaging stand out from the crowd.

Nukebox focused on Driving Engagement, Increasing Conversion Ratio, and Quantifying its mobile-first engagement. Using all three to reach its audience and with the help of Swrve, the studio increased its engagements by 24% and retention in daily active users by 6% in day 1 retention.

“We will always keep on working on delivering the best game experience while working with our partners at Swrve to deliver engaging content that not only achieves the objective but also keeps our valued players engaged and ever-gaming”, said Nukebox Studios CEO Amit Hardi.

Head over to the Blog Post by Swrve, for a more detailed read. Check out the game here Google Play Store and Apple App Store.