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‘Food Truck Chef’ was featured on the Google Play store in ‘Awesome Games Made in India’.

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Celebrate Independence Day with Awesome Games Made by Indians!

From adorable cooking games to desi word puzzles, games made in India have given us delightful experiences. We are shining the spotlight on some great Indian games and going ‘behind the scenes’ with teams that built them. Read on and have fun playing these homegrown creations!


As we celebrate India’s Independence Day, we shine the spotlight on amazing games made in India. Food Truck Chef brought a fresh new take on cooking games and attracted players globally by taking us into the world of food trucks. We went behind the scenes with the developer team to get to know them better — read on below!

What was the inspiration behind this game?

We always wanted to develop and publish an innovative and original IP for the global audience. And, who doesn’t love Food Trucks? The aim was to recreate an authentic, exciting and visceral experience of running your own Food Truck, on mobile and in the process bring to life the diversity of cuisines which exist in the Food Truck universe.

What is the most memorable comment you’ve received from a user about this game?

We created Food Truck Chef to enable our players to live out their dreams of running a Food Truck. It feels great when our players write to us saying they are living vicariously through our game. Some have even gone on to start their own Food Trucks inspired by our game!

If there was one inspirational person from India based on whom you would like to make a game, who would it be?

We would love to make a game on women entrepreneurs from India who aspire to make it big in the real world!