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September 6th, 2017

By Jeff Byrnes

When it comes to food trucks, they come in all shapes and sizes. Some serve delicious, gourmet fare, while others just dish out the most delicious burgers. Then again, some are absolute flops and serve hideously over- or under-cooked food. Which kind will you run? It’s not as easy as it sounds to run a successful food truck, so put on your apron and let’s get cracking.


In Food Truck Chef, your goal is to build up your fleet of eateries on wheels. You start off with a pasta truck, and move your way up by buying new vehicles.

You need to prepare and serve dishes quickly, because your customers will run out of patience. At the same time, you’ll have to be mindful not to waste food.

As quickly as possible, get yourself some hotplates. These let you stage your dishes, giving you an edge when it comes to serving those impatient customers.

You’ll also need to upgrade your espresso machine when you can, because that slow brew can sometimes really slow you down.

“Travel the world and cook delicious food in your trusty food truck


The more you cook quickly and keep your customers happy, the better your fleet will end up. As you earn coins, gems, and levels, the world opens up.

You might start off with a pasta truck, but you work your way up through the food truck world. You can serve BBQ, desserts, burgers, pizza, and more.

There’s even a Food Truck Challenge every so often, so you can see how you fare against other players of the game. The rewards are remarkable if you can become the top food truck chef in the challenge.


Whether you want to just pass some time or see how well you might do operating your own food truck, this is a cute game. Of course, learning how to cook those yummy dishes is all on you if you decide to take things on the road for real.