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Google has just featured Nukebox Studios’ latest android game ‘One Man Army – Epic Warrior’ globally. Google frequently highlights promising games to help Android users discover awesome content.

‘One Man Army’, in true Nukebox tradition, is an easy to play game which is also insanely tough to master. It has fun gameplay and hilarious in-game jokes that can hook anybody in. You play the lone warrior fighting against an entire army of spears, cannons and dragons.

Recognition and promotional support from Google is a testimonial to the quality of games built by Nukebox Studios. For Nukebox, this is just a beginning as they get ready to launch more games in the future.

Nukebox Studios is the game production house of TechTree IT Systems Pvt Ltd. Equipped with a complete and well-rounded production team, Nukebox Studios is working on developing and publishing innovative and entertaining IPs for the global market. Nukebox Studios counts a combined experience of 200+ man years and an undying passion for gaming across the team. Nukebox has partnered up with Nazara games to bring wholesome original content to players in India and the world over.

Nukebox has 45 people working on some fun projects in Bangalore. At Nukebox Studios, games are crafted with utmost care and unrelenting commitment to perfection. Players are the first, second and third priority.

Nukebox Studios is on a mission to ‘Create Awesome’.