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Nukebox Studios’ latest game ‘One Man Army – Epic Warrior’ has been featured under ‘The Great independence Sale’. Under this sale, big discounts are offered on in-game items on popular games selected by Google to commemorate the Indian Independence Day.

Google is now directly promoting our product on their store-front. This is a bold reflection of the love and effort we put into our products and the resultant quality. It is just the first step for us. There’s going to be a lot more exposure for our games going forward.

‘One Man Army’ is an easy to play but difficult to master casual game with simple yet fun gameplay and hilarious in-game jokes. In this cool game, you are the lone warrior fighting against an entire army of spears, cannons and dragons.

Download this game now to get awesome discounts on in-game items. Offer valid only till August 19th 2016. Go ahead and get rocking!

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