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Bring Me Home appears at the Windows Phone Marketplace, found guilty of being way too awesome.

We just released Bring Me Home into the wild, and it’s definitely going places.

If you haven’t played it yet, Bring Me Home is a beautiful and deceptively simple game about an EPIC quest to get where you belong. Set in a retro-futuristic world, you control a hovercraft in your attempt to go home – evading trees, buildings and traffic. While this is happening, you’re also trying your best not to get sucked into the (extremely obvious) doom that keeps following you around. Well, enough talking, check out the trailer video.

Even with having done only a limited release restricted to Windows Phone, players have been swarming into the game in droves and the feedback has been spectacular! Here’s just some of them…

Level of awesomeness 100%. This game is so much funny!

Ian, Brazil


Mega super duper satisfying



Wow, I love everything about this game! The gameplay is addictive, especially the jokes (you gotta get the BSOD car, that thing is a blast!). The best part is: They even have a chip generator machine!

Trung, European Union

To seal the deal, Bring Me Home is now rated 4.8 stars with 95% of our players rating it 5 stars. We’re immensely grateful for all the love!
Well, stay tuned because we are cooking up some kickass top-secret ingredients into our next update, and its coming very soon. Follow Bring Me Home on Facebook.